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We're Building Different

The world's first lifelong learner lifestyle network.Designed and developed for thriving now and in the future.

About Onyx Education

Onyx Education is about building the lifelong learning network of the future. We're using new tools, a new model, and a new approach to success.

The history of Onyx starts with the vision of our Founder, who returned from years of teaching internationally and was inspired to solve the problems facing the lifelong learners of today. He saw the high costs, questionable outcomes, and outdated experiences that have all led to growing dissatisfaction with higher education across the country.
Wiith Onyx, learners will find what uniquely motivates them, explore who they are as a person, connect with new friends & mentors, and confidently walk away with skills in hand. We will equip our learners to open the doors to opportunity so they can build the lives they want and deserve with:

● Convenient schedules with online classes in virtual reality● Apprenticeship opportunities to gain skills under a mentor● Flexible pathways to learn at their own pace and readiness● Personalized guidance to start a career or build a business


— Our Virtual Campus

Our network is centered on a virtual reality campus that creates unique opportunities for connection and collaboration from anywhere.

— An Apprenticeship Focus

We leverage an innovative model for education based on apprenticeships to connect learners with personal mentors.

— Our Unique Pricing Model

Our commitment extends to the individual lives of our learners to provide top-quality learning without breaking the bank.

The Onyx Learning Experience

It's time for a new higher education experience, and we're making it happen.


— Collaborative Education

Every learning experience at Onyx involves working with other learners to solve problems by creating lasting connections.


— Connection with Experts

We take personalized growth to the next level by putting expert knowledge in the hands of our learners at every stage of their journeys.


— Creation of Opportunities

Every Onyx learner is guided along a pathway that leads directly to employment, entrepreneurship, or further study.

Why You Should Join Onyx

Be a part of the change to enter the exciting new world of next-generation learning institutions.


— We're creating a new standard

Onyx is reaching new heights by exceeding expectations and bringing pioneering approaches.

— We're focused on the future

Onyx is making best use of next-generation technologies to prepare for the jobs of the future.

— We're uplifting each other

Onyx is meeting the needs of tomorrow's learners today by building a new kind of community.


— We're serving great minds

Onyx is providing a space for learners to pursue their personal passions through higher education.

The Vision for Onyx Education

Every learner deserves the opportunity to try, fail, change their mind, and find their way. We're building the place to do it.


Networked Classes

Onyx learning isn't bound by time or space because our digital-first approach allows connections to happen at any time for learners located anywhere.


The Best Resources

Onyx makes the best use of the digital world to make learning come alive through the vast resources available through the internet and our partner network.


Practical Experience

Onyx learners gain targeted experience by solving real problems in the world around them and working with companies to achieve real results.


Lifechanging Outcomes

Onyx learning pathways all result in specific skills that lead to graduating with a job, a business, or a plan for continued study for every learner.

Membership Pricing



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Access to virtual collaboration spaces

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Free Private Onyx University Room

Sell Leadership Development lenses

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A New Kind of Lifelong Learning

We are working to develop a system of learning opportunities for learners of all ages.

— Credential Programs

Targeted training at the Onyx University Leadership Institute that leads to credentials, badges, and qualifications in a variety of subject matter areas.

— Edupreneur Training

A membership community, training process, and support network for educators of all kinds to pursue private business endeavors independently or as a side pursuit.

— Learning for a Lifetime

Learning circles and campus events that are opportunities for community-based learning at little or no cost that offer opportunities for lifelong growth.

Example Subjects

    Arts and Design
    Teacher Training
    Computer Science

— New Technologies, New Methodologies

Onyx is centrally focused on creating an experience that combines the best of personalized engagement with a collaborative, community-based experience. By bringing expert practitioners into the same space as learners, clients, and companies, we aim to develop learning pathways unlike any currently available.

We are leveraging new approaches to learning that are based on pioneering educational research, and combining them with next-generation technologies to make it happen.

Want to Get Involved?

We're just getting started, with a lot of new and exciting things happening every day.