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The Digital Lifelong Learning Network


The Onyx Advantage

Learn what you want to learn

Our learning is applicable to any domain due to our focus on academic foundations and the Art of Learning as a core body of knowledge.
In other words, we teach you "how" - you decide "why."

Learn when you want to learn

Our O.A.S.I.S. Methodology emphasizes our learning experiences being always available and personally curated.
You don't need fit our schedule - we fit your schedule.

Learn how you want to learn

Our training will help you master the full depth & breadth of both timeless and modern tools & techniques.
Learn with the academic immersive action research leaders.


Learning online should be an adventure, a journey. Onyx Education is about reimagining what's possible.


What is the Onyx Mission?

The Onyx Mission is to develop a new platform for growth and standard for support to ensure that learners in the 21st Century are equipped to society's best possible capability.

What is the Onyx Vision?

The Onyx Vision is for all learners to have access to world-class lifelong learning experiences that provide them with opportunities for success in this world. 

What does Onyx stand for?

Onyx stands for the ability for all learners to pursue their learning journeys according to their own goals and purposes with access to a new Platinum Standard of digital support.

Why a new education model?

We have reached a point in professional training and academia's research where there is a convergence of teaching techniques, and a new model provides a path forward to address implementation and success.

Why a space for learning?

Each learner has an individual pathway through a variety of schools, domains, courses, classes, and life. We provide an oasis for success regardless of the above factors, and include our coaching as an option.

What does Education 3.0 mean?

Doctor Onyx's Education 3.0 means taking the best available learning from the researcher and practitioner classes and building a new system to supplement the gaps remaining from the previous two.

Onyx Learner Academy

Get started with a year of personal development with Onyx Learner Academy and establish the lifelong learning habits you need to thrive.


Onyx UniversityDigital Campus

Onyx University is an always-available collaboration environment providing opportunities for educators of all kinds through our academic engineer training experiences, research, and coaching directly relevant to your professional goals.

The Onyx Cornerstone

If Merriam-Webster defines the Ivory Tower as "a secluded place that affords the means of treating practical issues with an impractical often escapist attitude," then the Onyx Tower is a globally relevant and universally accessible place that facilitates progression toward success through self-determined interest in practical issues and actionable problems.

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Become a Certified Academic Engineer with Onyx Global

Join Onyx Global to be at the forefront of Education 3.0 pioneering & innovation. We seek out the most effective technologies and supportive partners to join our network. We provide a system of available offerings for succeeding in the 21st Century learning landscape.

What is Academic Engineering?

Education 3.0

We focus on a design-based collaborative approach to learning design and student success.

Universal Learning

Onyx Education forms an ecosystem of actionable opportunities for developing digital skills.

Personalized Design

Academic Engineering certification is tailored to meet your personal & professional goals.

Networked Delivery

Our training content is delivered via a network for continuous engagement wherever you are.

The Platinum Standard

You will learn the Onyx Education 3.0 Platinum Standard of digital learning experience creation

Practitioner Curation

Our evidence-based program is designed by expert practitioners who have been in the classroom.

World-Class Coaching

We maximize our use of the most recent innovations in learning and service technology.

Academic Stewardship

Onyx is devoted to supporting your academic journey. If you want to thrive, we want to help.