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About Onyx

Onyx is the world's academic excellence company.

  • Onyx Global

    The central hub for the Onyx personal development ecosystem..

  • Onyx Education

    The world's first supplemental reality Education 3.0 learning experiences and services.

  • Onyx Corps

    Mastery training for personal, academic, and professional capability that leads to Onyx employment

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Onyx Corps

Join Onyx and build your personal body of knowledge to provide you with an individually curated system of capability to build your business & provide your services as a side hustle.

Open up a place to build a direct and trusted connection with your audience with the Onyx Corps coaching network and establish capabilities for lifelong success.

Join the movement

Enroll in Onyx Learner Academy to become an Onyx Master Learner, and elevate your lifelong learning experience to Education 3.0 with us today.