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It’s no secret that we live in a data-heavy knowledge-based society.

But, how is it that teaching methods haven’t caught up with the times?

It seems education is continuing to get more outdated, more expensive and more time consuming.

When you get modern expert learning methods from Onyx Education to guide your educational journey, you will:

  • Gain more skills and open doors to more opportunities for a brighter future — both in and out of the classroom.
  • Build confidence and define your unique value proposition
  • Make informed decisions about the evolution of your life and career
  • Set goals and transform your education for success

The change-maker for digital age educational success is always knowledge and innovation.

Tired of Conventional Learning Methods? Your Educational partner — with a 100% Success Rate — Is Here!

Meet Onyx Education

Built on research to decode a systematic method for creating learning experiences online, we are helping more learners find efficient educational methods, and introducing others to new high-quality approaches to learning.

Designed by an expert in learning, we combine coaching and content on a platform that provides individualized growth through spaced repetition and personal accountability.

The techniques you’ll use to achieve your educational goals will naturally create improvements on multiple levels, including in work and family life.

The Onyx Advantage for Lifelong Learners

With Onyx, you control the course of your educational journey.

We provide the tools and resources you need to succeed and reach your goals.

Learn what you want to learn

Whatever your interests may be, whatever learning path you wish to walk down, Onyx gives you free rein to choose your own curriculum.

Everyone is different, so a rigid, one-size-fits-all educational system does not, in fact, fit most people.

If you are able to pursue your own fields of interest in your own way, the passion for lifelong learning grows within you.

Learn when you want to learn

For many people, engaging in learning and education is, at best, inconvenient.

There never seems to be any time for education, and those who are interested end up feeling put off by the whole idea.

With Onyx, you are granted the freedom to pursue learning on your own time, around your own schedule. There’s no need to fit into our schedule—we fit into yours.

Learn how you want to learn

Through Onyx training methods, you will master modern and timeless techniques, tools, and methods that suit your individual style of learning.

Not everyone enjoys learning the same way, and Onyx will help you discover how you learn best.

Learn with us to embrace the way you effectively absorb new knowledge so you can succeed on your personal development pathway.

With Onyx Education's Mobile-First Delivery, you will never have to worry about anyone or anything getting in the way of your personal growth journey.

Innovative Network

Connect with Onyx Education for a learning experience you’ll never forget. Let’s take traditional education to the next level and make it work for you and your learning goals.

Accessible & Affordable

All learning should be affordable, so we took the steps to make it happen. Onyx Education is priced for today's adult learners, with easy access at the convenience of your mobile device.

Your Learning Advisor

Once you start your Onyx journey, you have a partner ready to help you any time. You will also have access to courses, networking, training opportunities, and more.

Efficient and Effective Daily Learning

Now you can learn the most crucial skills that are absolutely essential in this digital age.
Learn with Onyx Education and become a lifelong learner, so nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams!

You will learn the personal development and learning strategies and skills you were never taught in school.

You will learn to integrate your personal, academic, and professional lives and access the information you need to solve life's problems.

You will learn precisely how to select which new skills to learn, structure your learning, and maximize your talents.

Get Started with Daily Development

Join Onyx to start a new learning journey with daily microlearning and guidebooks directly targeted at teaching you to be a successful learner for life.

What Our Students Say

"Onyx Learner Academy was the turning point of my learning journey. Since I took this course, I have become more well organized and targeted in my learning. It not only enabled me to gain practical and efficient learning habits and methods that show significant results in a  short time, but also motivated and guided me to start planning my lifelong personal learning system."

Zoe, Class of 2023

"I wish Onyx Learner Academy existed when I was a student! It made me realize how digital learning can bring so much value to the education system not just in our country (the Philippines), but the entire world! I still can’t believe how affordable this is with all the knowledge you get to access. I highly recommend this to students, teachers, parents, to everyone!"

April, Mom & Digital Marketer

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