This is Onyx

What We're Building

A New Way

A training environment committed to advocating for the personal financial freedom of educators.

Digital Community

A community of practice bringing educators from all learning domains together with digital innovators.


A community focused on an innovative approach to financial freedom and edupreneurial success.

Universal Learning

A network of learning, support, and actionable opportunities for developing digital skills.

Our Mission

The Onyx Mission is to develop a new platform for growth and standard for support to ensure that educators in the 21st Century are equipped to society's best possible capability. Our vision is for all to have access to world-class learning experiences and resources that provide them with what they need for success.

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Our Story

Onyx Education is born out of inspiration, necessity, and opportunity. Educators around the world represent a vitally important link between the present & the future, society & commerce, and success & wellness. 
However, many educators do not have the resources, support, access, or opportunities they need to thrive. We are working to change that by leveraging the digital world to get the best of the next generation of tools, techniques, and technologies into the hands of today's changemakers.


Community FAQ

  • What will our community offer?

    ● Access to new research & technology

    ● Space to connect with like-minded people

    ● Chances to connect with technology-oriented educators

  • How will we expand your opportunities?

    ● By offering chances to collaborate and network on a regular basis

    ● By giving you the resources to learn more about the EdTech industry

    ● By providing a digital space to expand your international network

  • How will Onyx Education help edupreneurs?

    ● By helping to save time and teach online more effectively ● By providing the technology to scale offerings ● By recommending new technologies

  • What are Onyx Education's development plans?

    ● Creating networking opportunities for learners and educators to connect with potential future employers

    ● Spreading our innovative spirit through our focus on being the most technologically capable education network available

    ● Promoting environments to explore new technologies and research at the theoretical forefront of 21st Century Education

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Development Allies

We are working to form a network of partners to provide world-class content and resources, innovative experiences, and employment opportunities.




Matrix Insights

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Want to Connect with Onyx Members?

Become an Onyx Education exclusive marketing partner, and connect with our community in a unique way. 
In exchange for a commission on sales combined with a discounted cost arrangement for our members, we will enter into a quarterly or annual partnership arrangement where you will be the only provider in your domain that we promote to our members.
Contact us for more details, as well as to inquire about purchasing regular advertising space in our campus marketplace at Onyx University.

Want to Join the Movement?

We're just getting started, with a lot of new and exciting things happening every day.