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Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue. Create your own avatar in our virtual reality campus and connect with lifelong learning opportunities built utilizing innovative tools & techniques.

The future of learning is here, and it's time for you to join it.

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A VR World for Modern Lifelong Learning

The Onyx University Mission

Our Mission is to develop a new platform for growth that ensures all of today's learners are equipped to society's best possible capability.

The Onyx University Vision

Our Vision is for all learners to have access to high-quality lifelong learning experiences that provide them with opportunities for success in this world.

What Onyx Stands For

We stand for all learners to pursue their learning journeys according to their own goals and purposes with access to a new Platinum Standard of support.

Clear Communication

Create your avatar and chat with other users through voice, text, and animated gestures on your computer or in VR. Experience true digital communication.

Next-gen Collaboration

Get your important work done in a new and fun environment that takes the stress away from digital meetings by replacing it with enjoyment.

A New Kind of Webinar

Host your next event in virtual reality and make an impact on your audience. Share your message and connect with your community in a whole new way.

About The Campus

We bring a unique educational approach to our members and provide digital-first opportunities for your individual purpose and learning needs.

Onyx University is a virtual world of engaging lifelong learning where each topic is tailored for your personal, professional, and academic success.

Your Gateway to the Future of Digital Learning

As the global community moves forward into the 21st Century, it has never been more important for us to be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for lifelong growth and success.

Unique and Customizable Environments for Connection

Experience a Transformational Learning World

Join the movement and become an Onyx Learner to connect with personalized learning on your computer and your phone.

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