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The Past Is Gone, eLearning Is Here to Stay

The entire world is changing on a massive scale, especially the world of education. This shift has happened rapidly and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The prevalence of online education has occurred both naturally and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused the need for people to isolate themselves more and more.

Because of the need to isolate, universities and colleges across the country have started implementing their own versions of digital learning, including all 8 Ivy League institutions. This can be problematic for those looking for a traditional higher-learning environment, and yes, change can be uncomfortable for a great number of people.

However, change doesn’t have to be all bad…

In actuality, eLearning can be one of the most liberating and successful forms of higher education, producing self-reliant and real-world-ready individuals who have found a lifelong passion for learning.

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Set Your Own Educational Goals

Education is becoming a very individual conquest. Learners are realizing that, in today’s world, you can choose and mold your own unique, educational path.

This is a far cry from the traditional methods of learning, where the teacher or instructor is the center of the learning process as well as the primary decision-maker.

This guide goes over all the advantages and benefits of online education, and how you can sculpt your own learning path to reach your unique goals in life. This essential guide addresses the following:

  • The benefits of eLearning
  • Types of learning methods
  • Analysis of self-determined learning
  • How to approach online education

All you need to know to approach and get the most out of online education is packed within this guide!

What Else Is Inside The Guide?

If you’ve ever been curious about eLearning and wanted to look into the education revolution further, there’s no better time to start than right now!

The days of traditional educational methods and practices are dwindling, but a bright future for learning and higher education is happening right now—a future where the learner is free to make their own decisions about their own path.

Along with the information mentioned above, this guide contains:

A case study by The University of Western Sydney on heutagogy

Common educational approaches

A case study by The How to achieve educational autonomy

The makings of your own eLearning journey!

The world of education is evolving to shine a spotlight on individuals and their unique learning goals, educational ambitions, and plans for the future. This guide from Onyx Learner Academy is a definite point in the right direction for all those curious about and ready for their own online education.

Step into your own future today!

Download How You Can Succeed with Online Education for FREE right now!