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About the Onyx Education Network

From home to school, students to professionals, and business to home offices, the need for learning has never been stronger.
The knowledge-based global economy of today means that digital learning is critical for every level of society, and we have developed an approach that equips you to thrive.

No matter your industry or focus, it's vital for you and your people to be ready for ever-changing problems.

Education 3.0 Methods

Every learning stakeholder from the classroom to the boardroom deserves access to personalized, modern, evidence-based experiences.

Lifelong Learner Network

21st Century development requires novel approaches to utilizing the digital tools around us from mobile to XR and everything in between.

Coaching & Resources

We provide personalized coaching and educational resources so that everyone can learn the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

Is Onyx for You?


Plans on pause?

Make sure this is not a year of lost time and keep your mind engaged by learning new skills that you weren't taught in high school.


Taking a gap-year?

Gain unique skills that both schools and employers value without taking time away from doing the things you love.


College student?

Add depth and breadth to your learning with subjects that are often ignored in modern degree programs.


Out of school?

Recover what you need to know in order to succeed in trainings, quickly pick up new skills at work, and learn in your personal life.


Need to pivot?

The knowledge-based economy of today requires us to do this often, and it can be very difficult without the right habits.


Love to learn?

Being an efficient and effective lifelong learner leads to higher levels of happiness from work to home.

Why Learn the Onyx Way?

We help you learn on your terms and on your schedule. Based on years of research, we have developed a flexible education system where every learner can create their own path.
We know that no two learners are the same. We curate personalized pathways so that you can find the perfect fit for your learning style, schedule, and budget.

About the Onyx Way

When you set out on a journey, what are the two most important things you need to have?
A destination and a way to reach that destination.
In the world of education, the destination is a deeper understanding and mastery of a particular discipline, and Onyx Education is your guide. We maximize our use of strategic thinking to help you develop self-determined learning skills that will serve you well for all your life.
By mastering self-determined learning's core concepts and through the development of a personal curriculum, you will be able to take matters into your own hands and learn any discipline for any purpose.
The best thing about Onyx Education is that you can implement the concepts we teach and develop learning independence that will deliver results in any field.


Facilitated by a support network of content & tools uniquely curated for maximizing Education 3.0 success.


Provides independence when choosing assignments and learning activities to ensure every experience is engaging.


Takes into account each individual's needs, interests, and goals with purpose-built journeys and innovative approaches.


Utilizes learner-centered curriculum design to empower all learners to thrive in the way they best take in new knowledge.

Onyx Memberships

Want to promote & provide Education 3.0 awareness, access, and advocacy?


Onyx Learners

We develop digital learning experiences for high-quality lifelong learning. Our focus on strategic personal development means that every program is personal and relevant.


Onyx Associates

We provide a unique opportunity to forge your own path by working with Onyx as your network for growing your digital presence with a network of Education 3.0 benefits & support.


Onyx Apprentices

We provide training in O.A.S.I.S. Methodology to Education 3.0 innovators who seek to provide their knowledge, talents, and experience with the global community through speaking, mentorship, promotion, and other collaboration opportunities.


Onyx Ambassadors

We partner with changemakers striving to thrive and support others along life's journey through digital capability, lifelong learning & development, and personal wellness across a wide spectrum of global locales & industries.

Ready to be an Onyx Learner?

Today's most valuable skill is knowing how to learn new things.
Onyx Education gives you the tools you need to succeed now and into the future.