Our Mission

The Onyx mission is to provide a place to create top quality digital education for all people around the world, making it easy for everyone to learn and teach. 
We want to help people learn what they want and solve problems on their own. It's important for building a good society. 
We use technology to make learning better and more accessible for everyone.

Our Vision

Excellence for Everyone

We believe that there's not just one way to be successful. Everyone should have the chance to learn new skills and make a life they love.

Driven by Experience

We bring together the best of the past and modernize the traditional methods. Everything we do is based on research and what we've learned.

Opportunities for All

We need new places to teach that put learners first and use technology to help. We are fast, motivated, independent, and looking towards the future.

Our Values



We aim to give the best education to everyone in our network from both ourselves and our partners.



We aim to use the best technology to provide chances for our network to learn and grow.



We aim to use technology to support and fight for the success of all learners all over the world.

Our Principles

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Continuous Learning

Learners have different needs that go beyond what's usually taught in a classroom, during a school year, and within the school system. Learners don't fit into the usual age, location, and other categories anymore, so the usual way of teaching isn't working well.

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Self-Directed Learning

Learners want education that's important to their lives, not just something they have to do. Their goals, ways of learning, resources, and interests change fast and schools are struggling to keep up. 

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Self-Determined Learning

Learners are discovering that they can teach themselves. There's a lot of information available now, but it can be hard to know what's true and what's not. Standards for what's good information is changing and learners have to figure out what's best for them. They are becoming more in charge of what they learn and how they learn it.

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New Learners

The way we learn has changed a lot because of what happened since 2020. We want to help schools and other places that teach keep up with the new way we learn. We help them break through old ways that prevent them from embracing the new ways of learning.

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Educational Quality

People are asking for education to be better and more reliable, this is a good thing because it makes people want to do their best. But the rules for what makes good education haven't kept up with the times. 

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Academic Stewardship

Education needs to be taken care of better than it is now. The way we learn affects our ability to be successful in life. People are expecting schools and other places that teach, to show that they are giving a good return on the money and time invested by the learner.

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Digital Education

There are two different ways that online education is improving. Some are working on making their classes better online, while others are working on making the technology better. Both are important for making a good online learning experience. 

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Open Knowledge Access

The way people share and get knowledge has been the same for a long time but it's not working anymore. Now, many research papers are not read and textbooks are very expensive. With the new ways of sharing information online, it's easier for people to find and learn from more information.

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Researcher-Practitioner Divide

Before, people who did research and people who used it in real life were separate, but now, we are changing our way of thinking and are making research more useful for everyday life. 

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Project-Based Assessment

More and more people are realizing that learning by working on projects is better. This is good for everyone involved, like school leaders, teachers, and students. School leaders can innovate, teachers have a better way to teach, and students have proof of what they have learned.

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Mastery-Based Structure

Mastery is becoming popular again, it's focus on individual achievement, self-reflection, showing capability, and independent verification, it's seen in co-ops, apprenticeships, and many more ways.

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Personalized Curricula

Learners are starting to learn on their own and not relying on traditional schools. They are using more online classes, resources and organizations to do so. However, most of these don't have a clear path to follow or a full curriculum. Learners need to learn how to make their own curriculum to make sure they are learning what they need to reach their goals.

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