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Onyx Corps Academic Engineering

What is UO%40IEA?

The Academic Engineering Institute at Onyx University is our location to research, collaborate, and innovate as a community in a fun digital space. 
We are a networked coaching organization, and provide a working environment, training experience, and digital suites to comfortably navigate the waters of 21st Century working and living.

About A.E.I.

We utilize the Onyx Body of Knowledge to provide our Education 3.0 individual, group, and organizational training services ranging from single-session workshops to multi-year university learning & development overhauls for Onyx Members.

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Onyx Belts

Onyx Institute training is available to individual Onyx Members, as well as for our organizational partners.

Digital Campus

Onyx University's coworking, meeting, event, and learning environments are open to all Onyx Members for use.

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Pioneering Products

Nuobility digital capability suites are available for all Onyx Members and our organizational partners.

Innovative Insights

Onyx Insights from Doctor Onyx are available for your personal, professional, and organizational use.

Learn about our digital learning community

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What do we do?

We curate personal development experiences for the global community centered around our digital university learning environment and network.

As the global community moves forward into the 21st Century, it has never been more important for us to be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for their growth and success. We are an Education 3.0 advisory, management, and coaching firm establishing a Platinum Standard.
Join the digital lifelong learning community pioneering Education 3.0 accessibility for all. Onyx University is a personal, professional, and academic development environment for coaches to provide their services utilizing the most innovative tools & techniques. 

Academic Engineering

We welcome and encourage partnership and collaboration with you and your organization in the pursuit of establishing a Platinum Standard for building a globally accessible lifelong learning Education 3.0 landscape. 

  • Coaches

    Contact us for collaboration opportunities and information about O.A.S.I.S. & Education 3.0.

  • Learners

    Contact us for learning opportunities and information about the Onyx Network.

  • Professionals

    Contact us for professional development opportunities and information about Onyx Corps. 

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    Contact us for partnership opportunities and information about our services.